Made of Haute Couture Embroidery

Jackie Yoong

Fashion and Textiles Senior Curator, Asian Civilisation Museum Singapore

ACM Fashion and Textiles Senior Curator Jackie Yoong (JY) interviews Andrew Gn (AG), Singaporean fashion designer based in Paris; and Pauline Chan (PC), donor.

JY: Why did you bid for the Prestige Singapore charity mask by Andrew Gn and donate it to ACM?

PC:  The Prestige charity mission resonated with me: “In the spirit of giving back, Prestige is collaborating with three Singaporean fashion designers to create exclusive handcrafted face masks for a fundraising campaign.”

It had all the elements that I hold dearly and support – charity, the media Prestige and Singaporean fashion designer. When I saw a picture of the mask, I knew it would be just too difficult to pass up. Happy to donate the mask as it can then be seen and appreciated by more people and for a long time to come. A beauty to be shared!

JY: Why did you partner Prestige Singapore to make this creation during the pandemic?

AG: Because it was part of a drive for a charity

JY: How does the design capture your thoughts of the (pandemic) moment?

AG: I designed my SS21 collection during the heart of the 1st pandemic wave, when all of us were living in anxiety and fear. I named the collection “May There Be Light” because I wished it would simply bring joy, pleasure and hope. Times were very grim, but I was confident we’ll be celebrating again someday. This is why I thought of white, which symbolizes purity, cleansing, rebirth.

JY: Please share more about the creative and technical processes behind your exquisitely crafted creation

AG: The white looks in that collection were worked with contrasting textures and materials: guipure, silk, lace, tweed, fringe… Smooth and knobby, matte and shiny, soft and structured. I used similar couture techniques for the mask: appliqué guipure flowers and braiding on a double layer of silk organza.

JY: How do you feel about the successful auction bidder donating the work to ACM and for the work to be included in an international exhibition on pandemic facemasks?

AG: I’d like to thank very warmly Ms. Pauline Chan for generously bidding for the mask and then donating it to ACM. It’s also an honour for me to be exhibited in this ICOM Costume exhibition alongside works from other international museums which I love, admire and have visited.

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Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore

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